a blank canvas waiting to be painted with new ideas

Michael Grigoriev photographed at the TEDxElginSt 2014 conference.

It was great to have the opportunity to photograph Michael Grigoriev this past weekend before he spoke at the TEDxElginSt conference. Micheal’s name is synonymous with positive and thoughtful change to Ottawa (he co-organizes the Ottawa chapters of Creative Mornings and DesignMeets). He has an industrial design background with a passion for user experience and digital behaviors – and I believe he also has an equaled passion for how we experience and use our city, so what a better person to photograph for loveOttawa than Micheal!

Like many, Micheal loves how this city can offer so many different types of experiences all in such close proximity. Go for a hike or cycle along an amazing network of bike paths, and ten minutes later you can have a fantastic local beer at an up-and-coming brand new restaurant. He loves that perfect balance between small-town outdoorsy options with amazing infrastructure to support it and increasingly exciting urban amenities. Micheal’s also excited how supportive the community is to help get just about any new initiative off the ground. “It feels a lot like a blank canvas waiting to be painted with courageous new ideas and people”.

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Micheal certainly loves all of the new restaurants and craft breweries opening up and he keeps a running check-list of places to check out, but right now although it’s not new, his favourite restaurant is Mello’s Diner. “You can’t beat the mix of accessibility, creativity and quality for a super reasonable price”. And just across the river, Marius on Promenade du Portage is an amazing new French inspired sandwich shop/bakery/cafe that as he likes to say “knows the deal”.

HUB Ottawa is very near and dear to Micheal. In his eyes HUB is much more than a space, it’s a co-working creative and innovative community which is one of the city’s most important non-profits that’s helping shape an Ottawa that we’re all excited about. “I really point to them opening up and the amazing work they’re doing as probably the biggest turning point for me in this city”. Micheal’s not sure where the new positive cultural shifts we’re seeing in Ottawa originated, but this new-found energy definitely helps all kinds of new initiatives and start-ups materialize. These positive attitudes also lead to a more pronounced pride to live and work in our city, which perhaps is the greatest reason to love Ottawa!

Thanks Micheal for sharing and for being a great proponent for positive and creative change in our city. For more information about Michael Grigoriev you can visit his website or his Linkedin profile and you can follow Micheal on twitter at @grigonometry



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