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Steve Beckta photographed at Gezellig Restaurant in Westboro.

Everyone in Ottawa knows the name Steve Beckta, many have have met him, most everyone’s eaten at one of his restaurants and I think everyone who has knows how passionate Steve is about his restaurants. Or maybe more appropriately how passionate he is about making his customers enjoy their experience at one of his restaurants. Yesterday when I photographed Steve at his Westboro restaurant Gezellig, we didn’t talk too much about his restaurants – we talked more about why he loves living and being a restaurateur in Ottawa. Steve Beckta loves the positive and supportive nature of people in Ottawa, and how they really get behind exciting ideas and inititatives. “Ottawa is not a town of skeptics, it’s a community of people who honestly want to know how they can help and get behind an idea”.

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Steve has of course seen amazing support over the years for his restaurants (Beckta, Play and Gezellig), but now he’s seeing just how positively Ottawa can get behind something that is so personally important to him – helping his good friend Al Carpenter (who has adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia) find a stem cell donor and to bring hope to Al’s family. Tomorrow (March 29th) Gezellig Restaurant is hosting a swab-a-thon event between 9:00am and 1:00pm with the help of the Canadian Blood Services OneMatch program. Steve is so appreciative of the amazing social media support for this event and he’s very positive to see a great turn out tomorrow!

Steve wanted me to mention that if you’re unable to be a stem cell donor but still want to help, a great way to help folks with cancer is to give blood – many cancer patients are in need of whole blood and platelet transfusions. There’s so many ways to help and give hope!

It’s interesting and so cool that the qualities that Steve Beckta loves about Ottawa are the same principles he runs his restaurants by. He’s supportive, welcoming and so complimentary to the other restaurants and businesses in town, and he truly wants to help others. We’re super lucky to not only have Steve at the leading edge of Ottawa’s very rich restaurant scene but also as an example of how to do business with heart!

For more information about Steve Beckta’s restaurants (of which he has an amazing partner, executive chef Mike Moffat): 

And you can also follow Steve on twitter at: @SteveBeckta




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