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Andrew Reeves photographed on Elgin Street in front of El Camino.

I love how architects see a city, not just how it looks and feels but how it’s used by it’s people in their everyday experiences – so it was great to photograph local architect Andrew Reeves the other week and to ask him what he loves about Ottawa. Andrew loves that Ottawa is in a state of positive change and flux and how it’s making some big and important moves that will make it so much better in the very near future. “Recent residential and commercial builds (particularly restaurants) as well as larger projects such as the new light rail, Landsdown, the Rideau Centre expansion are changing this city for the better.”

Andrew loves the quality of life in Ottawa and the privileged access to the greenspace. Ottawa is a city that you can be downtown at an event or restaurant and then be in a huge protected park with biking, skiing, swimming and hiking in 15 or 20 minutes? He also really appreciates that Ottawa has such a nice mix of French and English language and culture, making it such a great environment to raise his daughters.

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As an architect and as a professional with a civic vision, Andrew is loving the neighbourhoods of Hintonburg, Mechanicsville, New Edinburgh and Beechwood. “Mechanicsville and Hintonburg are great neighbourhoods with history and some grit. Both are forming their own particular characters and nurturing a slew of artists, entrepreneurs, retailers and restaurants. While New Edinburgh and Beechwood have everything – parks, schools, proximity to downtown, it just needs better retail and street appeal – it’s coming though.” It’s really great to see how Ottawa’s neighbourhoods are all finding their own distinct personalities.

I love asking people I photograph how they feel Ottawa is progressing as a city and this was a great question for Andrew as it’s a topic he’s quite passionate about. He loves that Ottawa is evolving into a world-class city with it’s big infrastructure developments like the the light rail project, the expansion of the Rideau Centre and Landsdown – all mixed with some cool and much smaller-scale growth and development that is affecting the personality of Ottawa. “In this time of immense growth and development it’s hugely important that urban planning issues such as scale, walk-ability and community are properly taken into account. Ottawa is certainly gaining confidence and I think that because of its size, people feel connected to what is happening in the city.”

Some of Andrews favourite Ottawa restaurants are El Camino (which he designed), Town and Fraser Cafe – all for their amazing food and cocktails. He’s also a fan of The Highlander pub in the Market (close to his office), The Heart & Crown and The Clocktower.

Thanks Andrew for sharing what you love about our city and some of your insights into Ottawa’s growth! For more information about Andrew Reeves and LineBox Studio:


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