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Steph Legari photographed at the ‘A Taste For Life’ launch at The Urban Element.

I set out earlier this week to photograph Chef Steph Legari to help raise awareness for the ‘A Taste For Life’ fundraising event that’s happening next Wednesday April 23rd (Steph’s the SpokeChef for the event). I was met by Steph’s super warm smile, an enveloping handshake and a passionate man wearing an amazingly brazen chef coat and pants. What I learned is, Steph Legari’s heart is on fire for Ottawa, for the chefs and restaurants of our city and for the people of Ottawa. This passionate heart of Steph’s is hard to ignore and so perfect to help encourage Ottawa to participate in this cool upcoming culinary fundraiser which will raise funds for Bruce House and The Snowy Owl Aids Foundation.  It’s a perfect fit for restaurants, Chefs and diners to give back without having to fill out forms, buy tickets or pay fees. All you have to do is go out for dinner and the rest is taken care of. “How perfect is that, it’s Hope made Delicious.”

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So not surprising, Steph Legari has more than enough love to go around for Ottawa’s restaurants, especially to Ottawa’s Chefs who in Steph’s opinion are always at the forefront of the culinary scene. As a chef, it’s hard for him to single out a handful of his favourite restaurants, and he tends to love different places more based on his mood than one being better than the other. Some of his favourites that do come to mind are Art-Is-In Bakery for Keven Mathieson’s delicious creations, the fantastic sushi and wonderful people at New Generation Sushi  and for a great burger he loves Burgers and Shakes. “Always always tasty!”

For pizza Steph has a couple places he loves. Milano’s Pizza is the pizzeria he grew up with and loved for years. “This is our place to go to for great pie.”  For truly gourmet pizza, Mountain Station Pizza (just south of town) is at the top of his list. “The CN trains that run alongside the shop actually stop and pick up pizzas. Seriously!

For BBQ……Steph’s backyard is the only place to be, but if he wants to go out and enjoy the company of good friends and experience a stellar band he loves The Branch in Kemptville which makes some of the best Brisket and you’d be hard pressed to find a non tasty item on their Texas BBQ themed menu. Chef Enloe brings in some of the best bands to entertain the guests while they enjoy some great BBQ. “Cozy and delicious. I love this place!”

Steph of course mentioned many more Ottawa restaurants he loves (places like Pelican Grill, Kettleman’s Bagel Company, Mama Theresas, Fatboys, Pub Italia, Winchelsea and even Ottawa’s Beavertails), but he brought me back to the list of over 45 restaurants who are participating in The Taste for Life event. These restaurants donate 25% of their total revenue for that one evening to this charity enabling the recipients to live with dignity and care. “These are the restaurants I love!”

For more information about the Taste For Life event:  or for more information about Steph Legari:  and you can follow both the Steph and The Taste for Life on twitter at: @ggourmet1 and @atasteforlifeot  


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