as good as grandma’s apple pie

Amie Beausoleil photographed downtown behind The City Centre.

For anyone who’s met Amie Beausoleil, they know she’s generous, full of spirit, loves to connect people and as her name implies – she’s sunshine. This generous spirit is shown by her somewhat irreverent and creative initiative Unshaven Mavens – a fundraising project to help raise money to help woman with breast cancer. I was so happy that Amie agreed to be photographed for the loveOttawa project, so I could share her enthusiasm for our town. She had a lovely description of Ottawa “it’s like a slice of your grandma’s apple pie – so delicious and you always want more!”  Something that she loves specifically about Ottawa is it’s supportive creative community – “our city is one big creative collective”. I totally agree, and it’s really inspiring to see Ottawa’s creative community in a state of evolution right now. Something else that Amie said that I loved and perhaps we all take for granted, is that Ottawa is a one degree of separation kind of town (we all know someone who knows someone). I believe this is why Ottawa is such a tight and connected community – we’re all friends, neighbors and family.  :)

To find out more about Unshaven Mavens you can check the site out at and you can follow Amie on twitter at @NiceSoleil and @UnshavenMavens


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