we all have a hand in building our community

Meaghan King photographed in WellingtonEnd (Hintonburg).

Yesterday I was reminded that one of the cool aspects of the loveOttawa project is that I get to meet and learn from some really interesting people. Even though Meaghan King and her husband Eric were super busy packing up their lives to move to Jordon this weekend (Meaghan works for DFAIT and is being posted overseas), she still made time to be photographed and share what she loves about Ottawa.

The first thing that Meaghan told me she loved, when I ask her about Ottawa, is the enthusiastic passion of the people who live here. “Ottawa is passionate about politics, passionate about food and passionate about local and international community.” Then we talked about how since so many people who live here are ‘from away’ that most people are enthusiastically working together to help build and evolve our community.

She also loves how Ottawa has a ‘house party vibe’ not a slick pretentious or overly critical vibe. Ottawa is down to earth – accepting, welcoming, participating and embracing!

Some of Meaghan’s favorite places to eat and hangout are The HPH, Supply & Demand Restaurant, SuzyQ’s (best doughnuts in town!) and the big Bridgehead Roastery and Café just off Preston Street.

If you’d like to learn more about Meaghan and her ponderings about life, her dog Gatsby and the pursuit of doughnuts – you can follow her blog at  Thanks so much Meaghan and good luck to you, Eric and Gatsby (the famous Great Dane) during your overseas adventure!


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