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The Tattoo Hero team, photographed in their downtown Ottawa studio.

We finally had the opportunity to photograph the cool and awesome Tattoo Hero team the other week. We’d been trying to get them all in one city long enough for a photo for quite some time, but these lads have been busy traveling, sharing their custom software with tattoo studios around the world. We love how they sell their made in Ottawa’ software internationally, as well as how they connect the tattoo community. We so appreciate them taking time to sit for a loveOttawa portrait and answering questions about what they love about Ottawa and why they choose our city as their homebase for continuing to build their software business.

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Tattoo Hero is doing great work for folks much further afield than Ottawa, and you’ve been forging relationships internationally – so what is it about Ottawa that you love, to make it your base?

“Ottawa is home. Brandon, Steve and Minh are all born and raised here. We’ve met so many interesting people here by serendipity, including each other. We’re big on giving back to the community and pushing Ottawa to become a great international city.”

How would you describe Ottawa to one of your international clients?

“It’s great! I find we need to describe where we live less and less these days. I usually say something like “It’s cold here, we also skate on canals and eat beaver tails.” (that usually throws them off – lol). But usually we say we’re smack dab between Toronto and Montreal since those are two well known tattoo/art cities for our clients.”

What are your favourite places in Ottawa, that you and your team love to eat or drink at?

“We usually have brunch meetings at Bramasole Diner, and go to Bread and Sons or Artisan Bakery for a quick lunch. We love El Camino for tacos, Smoke House for ribs and Ministry of Coffee or Bridgehead for some java.”

How do you see Ottawa evolving as a positive place to do business in and/or incubate innovative initiatives?

“Ottawa is definitely going through exciting times. As the workforce changes from predominantly public sector jobs to private small business owners, we’ll start seeing massive changes in the culture of this city. More entrepreneurs, more small shops, more innovation!”

Thanks so much to Brandon Waselnuk, Minh Dao, Steve Tannahill, Henri Kuschkowitz and Paulo Arruda! For more information about Tattoo Hero: and/or follow them on Instagram at @tattoohero

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