fulfilling a dream

The loveOttawa project affords me the great opportunity to meet so many cool people and for that I’m so grateful! Last night while chatting to the owner of 8 Locks’ Flat, I was introduced to an interesting new immigrant to Canada, Zhinan Shen. He told me his name was Allan (easier for Canadians to pronounce) but I prefer his Chinese name Zhinan – and he told me he was cycling cross Canada and was stopping in Ottawa for Canada Day. I knew I had to take a photo of him on Canada Day and with our beautiful Parliament Buildings as a backdrop. :)

Initially I thought Zhinan was doing this cross country trek to raise money or awareness for something, but his reasons are far more personal and simple – he’s doing it because he just wants to do it to fulfill his dream to see as much of Canada as possible. When I asked Zhinan if he had any highlights, he said The Rockies were amazing (the hardest to cycle but amazing), the people in Saskatchewan were so friendly and generous and Ottawa of course for Canada Day. “I love the culture and museums of Ottawa, and the canal is so beautiful!”

I’m so glad I got to meet Zhinan and I hope the rest of his cross county trip is just as amazing as it has been so far. If you’d like to pass on any good wishes to Zhinan, please leave a comment below.


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