great food, cool atmosphere and a sober sling

Shared by Anita Ruivo + Dwayne Brown

Niall Robertson-Patterson photographed at El Camino on Elgin Street.

I’m a super big fan of Matt Carmichael’s famed El Camino, not because it’s Ottawa’s coolest restaurant, but because it’s an awesome combination of great food, respectful service, fair prices, passionate bar staff – and even holiday responsible cocktails for designated drivers! Anyone who’s met Niall or has watched him behind the bar at El Camino knows there isn’t anyone else in town more passionate at making cocktails, so we’re so appreciative that he created one of his non-alcoholic cocktails before his busy Saturday night dinner service. The Sober Sling is made with pineapple, cherry, cucumber, ginger beer, agave and for a little heat….some hot chilies. So delicious!


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Thanks so much to all the great restaurants, bars and hotels in Ottawa who care so much for their patrons and our community by offering such awesome non-alcoholic cocktails for designated drivers during the festive season. Thanks also to great initiatives like Operation Red Nose who by the generous assistance of volunteers and sponsors help people get their cars home if they’ve had too much to drink. Happy and safe holidays from loveOttawa!

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