indie art


Art. What is is really? I guess it’s the stuff we see in galleries or performed on stage – but I think it’s more than that, or perhaps as well as that. There’s such a growing movement in Ottawa of artists and photographers showing and sharing their work around town at local restaurants and cafés. When not showing in traditional galleries some local artists are also using facebook, websites, tumblrs and crowd sourcing sites to show and sell their work. Here’s a list of some these entrepreneurial creatives.


Marc Adornato
Adornato received a degree in Fine Arts from NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia (2001). Bragging rights over the past decade include exhibits in The Canadian War Museum, The Bank of Canada’s Currency Museum, Canada Science and Technology Museum, and the National Art Gallery of Canada for a one-night-stand. He now has a indefinite show at Union 613 Restaurant.

Daniel Martelock
Daniel’s passion for drawing, painting and design started when he was 9 years old. He started with a sketchbook, quickly filled it and has accumulated a virtual library of books to this date. Daniel’s paintings sometimes touch on world issues, sometimes dreams, sometimes fantasy all with a dash of innocence and amusement. His interest in recycling and reinventing the objects around him, while attempting to create something meaningful fuels Daniel’s work and his desire to design, paint and create.

Clare Brennan
Clare Brennan is a Canadian sculptor working with wood, metal and any other groovy bits found in ditches, on trash heaps and by roadsides. All slammed together with some dark wit, rust and screws.

Alison Fowler
Painting is a very multi-sensory experience for Alison. Playing with light and shadow, dark and bright. She loves to watch people reach out and touch her paintings. When they do, she feels that she has somehow succeeded. She’s also drawn to an expansive and grand sense of nature, as well as a remarkably tender and fragile nature. Her paintings are beyond lovely – full of color and life!