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Tara and Becky photographed at Jack Astor’s in Kanata.

I was eating at Jack Astor’s in Kanata tonight (truth be told it’s my Sunday evening tradition because my daughter Claire works there!), and I couldn’t resist sharing the loveOttawa project with the gang. Big thanks to Tara and Becky for fitting in a quick photo between tables and sharing what they love about Ottawa! Like most servers in town these two girls have professional careers they’re pursuing as well as having fun serving at Jacks. When Tara’s not moving her graphic design career forward (she eats, breathes and sleeps it) and Becky’s not doing modelling gigs for Ottawa’s Models International, they both love the mix of city and country that Ottawa offers – not to mention the friendly and multicultural richness of our town. (they did sneak in that they both love getting downtown to ‘the market’ for a bit of Ottawa fun too!) Thanks Tara and Becky – and a super big thanks to Jacks!


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