there is no greater love……

So many people have great ideas and good intentions, and some people take these ideas and put them into action – and action almost always makes a difference. Today was one of those days that an idea became an amazing reality and I believe made an amazing difference. A week ago Elizabeth Young, owner of Flowers Talk Tivoli (a beautiful flower shop in Westboro), reached out to Anita (my loveOttawa partner) and I through our loveOttawa initiative, via twitter, to talk about Valentine’s Day. I ended up having a coffee with Elizabeth and suggested the bold idea of making 50 bouquets for the teen moms at The Youville School as a surprise Valentine’s Day gift. Elizabeth didn’t blink an eye or even talk about what that would cost – she just said “Absolutely, we HAVE to do that!” All of this led us to today, when Elizabeth, Anita and myself delivered these beautiful bouquets to The Youville Centre this afternoon. The young moms were so appreciative and Anita and I were so humbled – especially humbled when we overheard one girl say “This is the best Valentine’s ever.” and another saying “I’ve never had flowers before.” Thank you so much to Elizabeth and her generous team of florists for giving the Youville girls such a meaningful Valentine’s Day!  :)

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