opened his eyes and mind to a beautiful city

Christophe Ledent photographed beside the Rideau Canal locks.

Christophe Ledent hasn’t been a photographer for very long (a bit more than a year), but he’s photographed Ottawa more than most photographers I know. He’s recently completed a personal photography project called Project 365 – it’s a project in which Christophe took a new photograph of Ottawa every day. He says the project has really opened his eyes and mind to how beautiful Ottawa is, so it’s not surprising that his answers to my “what do you love about Ottawa?” question was answered by scenic ones. He loves the three waterways that intertwine and define Ottawa, The Rideau and Ottawa rivers and the Rideau Canal. I of course asked him the impossible question, “is there a favorite place or part of Ottawa to photograph?” – he couldn’t give me just one, but he did say he loves shooting the canal looking towards the sunset!

I highly recommend viewing Christophe’s project at Thanks Christophe for taking some time to get in front of my camera and for keeping Ottawa in front of yours!


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