ottawa is such a jewel – la joya de la corona

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Anita Ruivo and some really awesome kids visiting from Madrid, Spain.

The loveOttawa project is all about asking people what they love about Ottawa – and helping to reveal the heart of our city. As someone who lives here, it’s sometimes obvious to see this spirit and yet sometimes it’s something we can even take for granted. But to meet Anita Ruivo of Funlanguages Canada and a bunch of the teen students she’s brought to Ottawa from Madrid Spain (to improve their English and to help evolve their life skills) – it really helps to see our city as a great city to love. A city that truly is a jewel – la joya de la corona!

Anita loves that Ottawa is so perfect for the educational programs that Funlanguages provide. Ottawa helps to make the student’s time in Canada fun yet safe, enriching and such an authentic Canadian experience. “Our students are enamored with Ottawa. They love the people. Ottawans are friendly, always smiling and willing to lend a hand. Ottawans always say thank you! Ottawans are honest – they will even return a misplaced wallet or a lost phone.” Anita loves that her students can independently and safely venture around Ottawa on transit or by foot, which is so good to help build a young student’s self confidence. “The students have loved Ottawa so much, many of them don’t want to leave – and many will return!”




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