ottawa’s green space is wonderful and inspiring

Crystal Beshara photographed in front of her new Hintonburg Studio Café.

Hintonburg has itself a new beautiful creative space – The Studio Café. It was so nice that I had the opportunity the other day to photograph artist and owner Crystal Beshara who’s just recently opened this lovely café. Being a longtime accomplished artist and art teacher, Crystal has created the Studio Café to be so much more than a café. It’s also a creative learning and meeting space, with a calming and inspiring front café area with a number of studios in the space for artists of all levels. The Studio Café is going to be such a great Ottawa space to love!

Crystal is a creative business person who not only loves presenting her new venture, she also loves her city. As an ex-farm girl she loves the simpler side to Ottawa – the Experimental Farm and the green spaces of the Arboretum, and she loves sitting beside the canal watching boats glide by. “I always feel like I’m in George Seurat’s Un dimanche après-midi à l’Île de la Grande Jatte.”

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It’s so cool to ask a visual artist what she loves about her city, the answers are so visual and culturally focused.  :)  Crystal loves that Ottawa is a city that businesses are getting on board to support creative community projects, funding and artists in general. Ottawa is a city where neighbourhoods come together and host events. “It is a much more active and vibrant arts scene than even a few years ago.” When it comes to seeing music, Crystal loves Raw Sugar and it’s intimate living room setting – and she loves supporting great local independent talent like Souljazz Orchestra, The Claytones, The Acorn and Jackpine + The Fire.

When I asked Crystal if she had any hidden Ottawa gems, she again painted a beautiful visual picture. “Took a fabulous walk all along the Locks last year with a friend one foggy evening…it was like a Dickens scene…found hidden stair cases and odd little ‘behind the Parliament’ nooks, all stone, wrought iron and towering Gothic buildings – so fun!” She also loves the quiet calm of The Fletcher Gardens conservation area (bullfrogs, butterflies, hummingbirds, herons……and no traffic). Ottawa is such a beautiful and inspiring city with something for everyone.

Thanks so much to Crystal Beshara for sharing her lovely view of Ottawa and I wish her the best of luck with her new creative venture!

For more information about The Studio Café: and you can follow Crystal on twitter at: @thestudiotweets.  If you’d like to lend a creative financial hand to The Studio Café, you could take a peek at the Indiegogo Campaign.




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