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Shared by Anita Ruivo + Dwayne Brown

The Unshaven Mavens 2014 Pit Bash at House of Targ.

One of the great aspects of The loveOttawa Project is that we get to meet and photograph so many great folks in Ottawa who not only are helping others, but who are doing it with creativity and such heart! Anita and I were lucky enough to head down to House of Targ the other evening to photograph this year’s Unshaven Mavens who’ve let their under arm hair grow to help raise money for Rethink Breast Cancer and to raise awareness for self examination. A big thank you and congratulations to Amie Beausoleil and Malorie Bertrand (the ladies behind the Unshaven Mavens project) for such a great event and a super successful month of October!

loveOttawa-1812 Unshaven Mavens loveOttawa-1817 Unshaven Mavens loveOttawa-1821 Unshaven Mavens loveOttawa-1830 Unshaven Mavens loveOttawa-1833 Unshaven Mavens loveOttawa-1834 Unshaven Mavens loveOttawa-1836 Unshaven Mavens loveOttawa-1840 Unshaven Mavens loveOttawa-1843 Unshaven Mavens loveOttawa-1847 Unshaven Mavens loveOttawa-1853 Unshaven Mavens

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