reasons to love the beijing symphony orchestra

Thank you for participating in our concert ticket giveaway! We’re very appreciative to the RideauStone Arts Centre for inviting us and our guests to tomorrow’s Beijing Symphony Orchestra Sunday concert!


Would you like to join us this Sunday, February 12th in the National Arts Centre’s newly renovated Southam Hall for the presentation of the Beijing Symphony Orchestra? We are giving away two sets of tickets to our loveOttawa followers.

Brought to our city by RideauStone Arts Centre, this unique opportunity to hear one of Asia’s top orchestras promotes an exchange of culture between Canada and China.

Tell us why you (and one guest) would like to attend this performance and join us this Sunday at 3pm. Please leave your comments below. We will choose the lucky winners by Saturday at 4pm.

Good luck!

© Dwayne Brown – the loveOttawa project



  1. Jovian Tsang says:

    Hi! My friend and I would love to attend and see one of the world’s top orchestras perform for a Canadian audience. Especially since they will be playing a diverse range of pieces from Asian and international composers!!!

  2. Renée M says:

    I would love to go because I have never seen a live Orchestra

  3. Sara Wilcock says:

    Hello LoveOttawa!
    My husband and I would love to see the Beijing Symphony Orchestra on Sunday because we love music! We haven’t been to the NAC for a few years now so it would be a nice treat to go back before Valentines Day for a date – especially to see such a wonderful orchestra! :)

  4. Dan L says:

    I made the jump and started my own business last year and my boyfriend recently made a career change as well, so cash is a bit tight for special occasions. I’d love to surprise him with something special like this for Valentine’s Day! I don’t think he’s ever been to the NAC for a ahow before either!

  5. Robin Wolfraim-Jenkins says:

    My Husband and I would like to attend the event because we have never seen an international Orchestra. We have seen local Orchestras from our old city.

  6. Laurie Rail says:

    It would be an honor to see such an acclaimed orchestra – something our budget would not normally permit us to do. If I were lucky enough to win tickets, I would bring my senior mother in law who is currently battling some very serious (life threatening) health issues. This would lift her spirits for a few hours which would be priceless.

  7. Jenny Cheung says:

    I would love to have the opportunity to try and win a pair of tickets to witness the amazing talent of the Beijing Symphony Orchestra. If given the chance to attend, this would be the best Chinese New Year gift ever for both my son or daughter and I to experience. Thank you for offering this generous prize to the people of Ottawa and for sharing the love of the arts and music! Happy Year of the Rooster everyone and good luck to all those that entered! :D

  8. Melissa Sauve says:

    Hi! :) My boyfriend and I would love the opportunity to go to this awesome event! We have never gone to the orchestra together and this would be the perfect event to start with as we are both so interested in experiencing and appreciating cultures of all kind.

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