rethink + rebuild = positive passion for ottawa

Attendees of TEDxElginSt 2014 photographed at The Museum of Nature.

It was so nice to be asked by the organizers of the TEDxElginSt 2014 conference to drop down today to meet some of the speakers, volunteers and attendees – and of course to take a few loveOttawa portraits. And how appropriate, because everyone attending definitely loves Ottawa! It’s an awesome line up of great speakers, all chatting about thinking differently – Rethink + Rebuild.

I invite any and all attendees to share your thoughts below about what you love about Ottawa and/or what you’ve pulled from today’s conference to positively think about our city moving forward.





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Thanks to Vicki and Erin for inviting me and to everyone who braved the camera today! For more information about TEDxElginSt: and please follow them on twitter at: @TEDxElginSt

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