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Shared by Anita Ruivo + Dwayne Brown

Celina Penteado photographed on the Rideau Canal Corktown Foot Bridge.

Once in a while, at loveOttawa, we run into people that are returning to a town that they hold close to their hearts. This is the case of Celina Penteado. Celina arrived in Ottawa in her late teens, attended University of Ottawa and then moved to Toronto, eventually settling down in Lima, Peru. Today Celina collaborates with Funlanguages Canada as an educational ambassador, bringing Peruvian students to our beautiful city and sharing with them the city she once resided in, its many outdoor activities, friendly people and top rated educational system.

While accompanying her students in January and February, Celina courageously braved our very cold winter and posed for our camera, always with the positive and fun disposition that makes her such an exceptional returning Ottawan!

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What Celina loves most about our city is its people. Compared to decades ago “It’s funkier, more interesting, more exciting!”. She highlights Ottawa´s museums, the Byward Market, special quaint neighbourhoods, as well as her old neighbourhood of Rockliffe. Ottawa has always been special “but it certainly has character now. I also love the nature that surrounds the city. The outdoors is always ready!”

Thank you, Celina, for promoting our city and rediscovering it all over again each time you visit!

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