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We all love different things for different reasons – including restaurants, cafés and experiences here in Ottawa (not to mention lunch!). When I built the loveOttawa project I wanted it to be interactive and to be a voice for real folks who live and work in Ottawa. Over the next few months I’ll keep asking people who I photograph as well as on twitter and facebook what they love the most about Ottawa – and I’ll post the top and/or reoccurring results here on loveOttawa.

The Best Cafés in Ottawa

The Best Places in Ottawa for Lunch

The Best Weekend Brunch in Ottawa

The Best Cocktails in Ottawa

The Best Places to Eat in Ottawa

The Best Italian Restaurants in Ottawa

The Best Japanese Restaurants in Ottawa

The Best Greek Restaurant in Ottawa

The Best Flower Shop in Ottawa

The Best Neighbourhood Pubs in Ottawa (coming soon)

The Best Bakeries in Ottawa (coming soon)

The Best Evening Out in Ottawa (coming soon)

The Best Ottawa Experiences (coming soon)







the small print: loveOttawa is curated and run by Dwayne Brown Studio and does not have any direct affiliations with any other specific businesses , it’s merely a project to help shed some deserving light on our capital city as well as the cool, the interesting and the nice folks and businesses of Ottawa.


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