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Patrick Biggs photographed in his New Edinburgh Art Studio

It’s always such a pleasure to meet creative people with our loveOttawa project. It was especially cool to meet Patrick Biggs, because his career hasn’t always been a creative one. He’s also been an Olympic athlete. Patrick’s first passion was skiing, which took him to two Olympics and two world championships. After several injuries, and a career ending concussion, Patrick returned to university searching for other avenues to focus his energy. He had always studied art as part of his university education, but it wasn’t until after the concussion, that strangely, a new part of his brain seemed to been awakened. “I was drawn to painting the things I’d seen through my travels, and the sport that I love so much.”

Meeting and photographing Patrick was such a calming experience, so it’s not surprising that what he loves about Ottawa the most is that he can enjoy a great work and life balance. Patrick paints in a small, peaceful studio on the second floor of the Nectar Centre (a wonderful art centre in New Edinburgh) and teaches skiing to kids in The Gatineaus – and he still has plenty of time to enjoy his young family.

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Like many people in Ottawa, Patrick’s favourite restaurants are neighbourhood based. “I’ve lived in many neighborhoods in Ottawa, and tend to have a favourite in each.”  Centertown > Whalesbone, New Edinburgh > Fraser Cafe, The Byward Market > Ahora Mexican, Gatineau > Chez Edgar and Wellington West > Wellington Gastropub. All such great restaurants!

Patrick loves that Ottawa is evolving as more of an urban city with more people living downtown which helps drive the city’s cultural and growing culinary scene. He’d love to see Ottawa continue to expand it’s biking and pedestrian infrastructure, as well continue to support the art community, which will help Ottawa move more positively forward.

Thanks so much Patrick for sharing your art, your passion and your calmness with us! For more information about Patrick Biggs’ art: and you can follow him on Instagram at: @biggsdesign and/or Twitter at: @pat_biggs


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