the clocktower whips up a pretty tasty cocoa picante

Shared by Anita Ruivo + Dwayne Brown

Bartender Mike Libbos photographed at the Westboro Clocktower.

The Clocktower Brew Pub is Ottawa’s longest operating locally run brewpub in town and brews some pretty amazing and really unique beers – and they’re just as passionate about community as they are about brewing great beer. When I asked the folks at The Clocktower to be involved in our 12 days of responsible Christmas celebrating, they whole heartedly jumped at opportunity to show their commitment to customer safety over the holidays. Like most folks in Ottawa, I love the beer at The Clocktower – but this super delicious and a wee bit spicy Cocoa Picante is such a great alternative if you’re the designated driver with your holiday group. Big thanks to Mike for braving the camera and preparing such a festive and spirited version of a traditional drink for us and to John Coughlan for being so supportive of the loveOttawa project!


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Thanks so much to all the great restaurants, bars and hotels in Ottawa who care so much for their patrons and our community by offering such awesome non-alcoholic cocktails for designated drivers during the festive season. Thanks also to great initiatives like Operation Red Nose who by the generous assistance of volunteers and sponsors help people get their cars home if they’ve had too much to drink. Happy and safe holidays from loveOttawa!

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