the parkdale food centre BBQing up so much sunshine

The Parkdale Food Centre annual family BBQ today in Laroche Park.

Today was beyond cool and oh so humbling – and this post is perhaps a testament to why I personally love Ottawa. At noon we took the loveOttawa canvas down to the Parkdale Food Centre’s annual family BBQ to see if perhaps any of the food centre’s clients might like to get a photograph taken for loveOttawa. It quickly evolved into shooting over 20 portraits of families, volunteers, children, men and women of all ages. The mix of people reminded me just how diverse the client base is who rely on the centre for basic food and resources, and just how vital the service is to the community. The folks who came out were treated to a lovely summer BBQ, cake for dessert and ice cream from The Merry Dairy. It was a truly awesome experience and my hat is humbly off to Karen Secord from the Parkdale Food Centre and her team of incredible volunteers – they truly delivered sunshine today to so many people!

If you’d like some information about how you can help the centre provide much needed food to their clients, please take a peek at their website at: and/or you can follow them on twitter at: @parkdalefood











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