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Tobias Lütke and Daniel Weinand photographed with some of the Shopify team.

I was pretty excited to go into Shopify last week to photograph founders Tobias Lütke and Daniel Weinand as well as some of the creative team. It was such a cool space full of people who love working there. We asked the question of course “what do you love about Ottawa?” And we got so many great answers, everything from Ottawa’s small town feel, mixed with it’s creative cosmopolitan work vibe – to the range of outdoor activities you can do here. (ice skating to long boarding) The restaurant favorites varied too – El Camino, PLAY and two six {ate} were collectively loved as favorites, as well as local independent cafés like Raw Sugar.

We also learned that Harley loves Ottawa’s community of mixed artistic ambitions, while Serena loves the hidden and the not so hidden cultural events like Creative Mornings and Nuit Blanche, and Courtney loves The Brig in The Market (with their cool hidden patio). And everyone said they loved the ease and friendliness of Ottawa. But the thing I enjoyed hearing the most was Tobias’ and Daniel’s passionate sentiment that Ottawa is not only a great city to live and raise a family in, but it’s a great city to run a dynamic, creative and growing company like Shopify in!  :)



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A super big thanks to Tobias, Daniel, Harley, Adam, Jen, Courtney, Thea, Annette, Matt, Serena, Toby and Dylan.

Shopify is way more than a really effective e-commerce web platform, it’s a great team of creative friendly people ready to help you grow your business! For more information:  and/or follow them on twitter: @shopify

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