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Artist Daniel Martelock photographed in his home in Hintonburg.

Anyone who spends anytime in Hintonburg or is a part of the Ottawa art scene, knows Daniel Martelock and knows just how passionate he is about his art. Dan is never without a pen, pencil, paint brush or some kind of surface to illustrate on – it’s not what he does, it’s who he is! Folks who know Dan, also know he’s continually smiling and he’s always working on a project to enhance or connect the community. He not only loves Ottawa, he’s one of the reasons why others love the creative art scene in our city so much.

I love that when I asked Dan what he loved about Ottawa and what he loves to do here, his answers were very simple and to the point. “People. Curling, meeting friends in pubs and of course Art.”  He also loves that we’re seeing more and more public installations and how Ottawa is trying new creative things like Nuit Blanche.  He’s also pretty fond of the new location of the Orange Gallery. “It’s central and a good starting point to venture around Ottawa.”

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I know to ask Dan which restaurants and pubs he favours is a bit tricky, because Dan would never want anyone to feel bad that he didn’t mention them – but here’s a few of his favs none the less. It makes sense that his favourite spots are all about art, music and/or community.

The Hintonburg Public House
The Studio Cafe
Shanghai Restaurant
Irene’s Pub
The Manx
The Dominion Tavern
and of course  The Carleton Tavern

Dan is also very committed to fundraising and raising profile for many local initiatives, The Parkdale Food Centre  is one of his favourites right now. He’ll also be participating in the upcoming neighbourhood street festival The Hintonburg Happening.  This initiative is really exciting because it’ll include loads of local businesses and artists of all types. Dan will be doing Henna Tattoos on June 21 from 1:00pm-4:00pm. A Daniel Martelock original on your body – pretty cool!

To view some of Dan’s recent work at Orange Gallery:  or on his site at:  And you can follow him on twitter at: @DanielMartelock

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