there’s no stopping our city’s potential

Chef Kyrn Stein photographed on Sussex Drive in front of SOCIAL.

I met and photographed Chef Kyrn Stein the other day, who is now leading the culinary team at SOCIAL Restaurant & Lounge. Kyrn’s been away from Ottawa for a few years and he’s so glad to be back to be a part of the cool and progressive restaurant scene we’re experiencing right now. He’s also loving being back to his hometown city where he can skate on an inner city and beautiful canal in the winter (like he did as a kid) and in the summer be only 40 minutes away from forest and wildlife in the Gatineaus. He’s really happy to see that people now want to stay in Ottawa and help the city progress. “There’s so much potential here and if we keep on the path that we currently are on, then there’s no stopping our City’s potential.”

Kyrn’s favourite neighbourhood in Ottawa is Hintonburg, not only because of the cool hip restaurant and bar scene, but also because of it’s transformation from its relatively undesirable ‘Mechanicsville’ reputation to a now vibrant community. Some of his favourite places in Hintonburg are The Elmdale Oyster House (for great food and even a little live music), as well as George Monsour’s Back Lane Café. “George is Ottawa’s finest. He’s the godfather of restauranteurs dating back to his Ritz restaurants days and is still going strong.”

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Asking Kyn for some of his favourite Ottawa restaurants is a tricky one because he loves so many and because he’s such a good guy (he’d hate to forget any) – but he did share a few places and it’s an eclectic mix.

La Pataterie Hulloise (best burger, hot dog and poutine, in town)
Mena Restaurant on Preston (what the next generation of restaurants will hopefully turn out to be like)
Murray Street (great chef, great food and an amazingly glutinous brunch)
Yangtze (best shrimp dumplings on this planet, and dim sum cannot be beat! Also been going there since I was six)
Whalesbone’s restaurants (food is excellent and fresh at all locations – The Elmdale Tavern is by far my favourite spot for a couple casuals)
Back Lane Café (George Monsour, is Ottawa’s finest)
Black Cat Bistro (Patricia Larkin has been doing such amazing food and has been a huge asset to Ottawa’s Culinary scene)
Two Six {Ate} (Stick has been doing amazing things here – great late night eatery)
Frasier Café (whenever I used to come in for a visit we would come in for dinner and I was always happy to see that such a wonderful neighborhood restaurant could flourish as well as this has)
Beckta (excellent food and has had amazing chefs, Stephen was one of the first to push culinary boundaries in Ottawa)
“I’m sure that there are some that I’ve missed but this goes to show that there is so much good going on in Ottawa!”

Chef Kyrn also has a couple of cool non-profits close to his heart – the Wine For Wishes organization (related to the Make a Wish Foundation) and Taste For Life of which SOCIAL donated 25% of their sales on April 23rd to Bruce House and The Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation in Ottawa.

Thanks Kyrn for having so much heart for Ottawa, especially the local culinary scene!

For more information about SOCIAL Restaurant & Lounge: Follow Kyrn on Instagram at: @kyrn and SOCIAL on twitter at: @social_ottawa

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