welcoming with the cozy warmth of home

Shared by Anita Ruivo + Dwayne Brown

Laurie Jones photographed downtown at 222 Lyon Tapas Bar.

Today is the last day of our “12 days of responsible Christmas celebrating” series and I’m so proud to finish the series with owner Laurie Jones photographed in her lovely Spanish influenced restaurant  222 Lyon Tapas Bar.  As soon as we arrived, it felt like Laurie was welcoming us into her home – it’s no wonder she has such a great following with loyal regulars! As much as this series is about alternative cocktails for designated drivers, it’s really a continued tribute to the warm heart that Ottawa wears so proudly – and Laurie so wonderfully reflects that heart. Thanks so much Laurie for sharing this very delicious Virgin White Sangria, made with pineapple, orange and cranberry juice, San Pelligrino soda, blueberries, oranges, limes, strawberries and raspberries!


© dwayne brown studio – the loveOttawa project

Thanks so much to all the great restaurants, bars and hotels in Ottawa who care so much for their patrons and our community by offering such awesome non-alcoholic cocktails for designated drivers during the festive season. Thanks also to great initiatives like Operation Red Nose who by the generous assistance of volunteers and sponsors help people get their cars home if they’ve had too much to drink. Happy and safe holidays from loveOttawa!

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