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from Mike and Veronique Ayling

Hi Dwayne and Anita,

We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful article you did for us. It is truly amazing what you are doing for the local community and we are honoured to play a part in your efforts. Both of you are truly remarkable people and your selflessness is an inspiration to the rest of us! Keep up the good work!

Warm regards,

Mike and Veronique Ayling


from Susan Saikaley Fahel on facebook

“Every time I see the title/name “Love Ottawa Project” I smile. I absolutely LOVE the name and concept!! Good going”


from Ottawa Magazine editor Dayanti Karunaratne

“Just catching up on the @OttawaCitizen and saw the great piece on @love_ottawa congrats! keep that love affair goin’ ;)”



from José

“Hola Dwayne,

I have been following Love Ottawa for a while and it is time for me to write you some lines since sadly I will be moving to Rome at the end of September, so it’s kind of an act now thing for me to share what I LOVE about Ottawa.

I arrived 2.5 years ago, from Mexico City and since I saw this city from the first time I fall in love with it. My Canadian friends know me as the best Ottawa tour guide because I show them spots and share stories of the places they did not know.

I have so many favourite spots that is hard to list them all. But I can start by telling you about the only close to real Mexican food place, located on the second floor of a nightclub in downtown, it’s almost the type of place that you need a password to come in an only Mexican patrons eat there.

My new favourite spot lately is the library of the National Gallery, a beautiful space to work or study, facing the astrolabe and free for anyone. Rideau falls is another place that in summer and autumn is like a dream, the best sunsets in O-town. Ottawa for me is green, clean and safe, therefore I can not imagine why people don’t want to live in a city like that.

The most common adjective I hear from Ottawans trying to describe the city is “boring” and they prefer to go to Montreal or Toronto. But I have proven this not to be true, I tell everyone that there are enough events to keep you entertained all week, you just need to find where to look. I have never been bored in Ottawa!

So these are only a few reasons of why I love Ottawa and would love to be part of your project..




 from Jamie

“What an awesome project you started Dwayne! Not sure how I’ve only come across this now. That’s the best kind of project. Simple and effective. Just so you know, I really love Ottawa ;)”

Jamie McLennan
Partner + Designer at Character Creative


from Sandy

“Your project looks phenomenal! What a robust, interactive look at Ottawa. #Needed”




from Jessica

“I heard about your project on CBC today and I love it. I’ve lived in Ottawa my whole life (all 25 years of it) and I really didn’t appreciate all it had to offer until this past summer. I moved to The Glebe, bought a bike and set off with my boyfriend to see what we could find. We stumbled upon many interesting activities (bag pipe practice in a park, roller derby, bike polo) but my favourite part of all of our adventures was biking under the Bank Street Bridge. That connects the Glebe to Old Ottawa South. That bridge is one of my favourite parts about Ottawa. Whether I’m walking over it, driving under it or skating through one of its beautiful archways, I always have a smile.

Good luck with the project, I think what you’re doing is really cool. Not enough people appreciate everything the city has to offer. “